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Theresa and I would like to thank you for visiting Kingdom Faith International Christian Center today. We believe that nothing happens by chance and we are honored that you chose this place to worship.  The things that you will experience in the Service are designed by the Spirit of God to encourage you to know God in a more intimate way. The Word that you hear today will be food for your mind and spirit and can change your life. This brochure is a helpful guide in explaining what Kingdom Faith International Christian Center is all about.  As you read this you will understand that we are concerned with developing people. Our family and entire congregation invite you to come again at your earliest convenience. Remember God is for us not against us.


In the Service of the King of Kings


Apostle Ronald (Ron) G Hairston Sr

& Pastor Theresa Hairston





About us



Kingdom Faith International Christian Center seeks to promote Spiritual Growth using the Kingdom Concepts found in the Bible and implementing those concepts within our day to day lives.


The mission of Kingdom Faith International Christian Center is to accept the fullness of Jesus Christ’ Ministry and teachings so that each person can live victoriously by faith.



Kingdom Faith International Christian Center is called to be a multi-cultural worship center that displays unity and a great expression of love for one another and to those who have no knowledge of Jesus Christ.








On July 8, 2001 eight individuals with a vision from God’s Word came together and established Kingdom Business Ministries, Inc.  In April, 2006 Kingdom Business Ministries, Inc., joined together with New Destiny Ministry to form a new ministry/church called Destiny Kingdom Worship Center. In September 2013 Destiny Kingdom Worship Center was dissolved and a new church begun…Kingdom Faith International Christian Center where Ronald G. Hairston, Sr., serves as the Apostle/Senior Pastor and Theresa Hairston now serves as the Pastor.  The ministry receives spiritual covering and accountability through Apostle LaFayette Scales.  Because of the vision, which God has given, we believe the membership will continue to grow and so will our History.


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